Who Is TheArmKing?

I Develop Programs, Tools, Hacks and Play Games :P

About Me

I am a 15-year old student, I usually spend my free time making new stuff or playing games.I usually mod games on Android/Mac, sometimes iOS and make tools that help in modding, making discord bots, messing around with the Unity Game Engine or Android Studio

What's with the name?

It's just a name I came up with randomly, 'Arm' is close to my real name and also a Processor/Architechture(ARM)


I work with various languages, I am not fluent with all of them, but I know the basics!


I usually code in C# when using Unity, to make android game hacks etc.


I Gained experience in Java recently because of apps and Mod Menus I am working on in Android Studio. Be on the lookout for them!


I love Bash! I always make some scripts on my Mac with bash, I even make hacking-tools with it, I love the fact that MacOS is a Unix System and gives me access to utilites like Sed, Awk via Terminal


Shell is like the bash but on windows, I don't like it much because the utilites present in a Unix System aren't here and I hate that.


Not much experienced with this one but I use it to make Discord Bots ( and a bit on this website )


I learn Python at school, every week we make some or the other program in Portable Python


I don't have much experience with this one also, but I use it sometimes for iOS Hacking


How do you think this website was made? HTML :P, most of the design you see here was done by TeamNightOwl, check him out here.


These are scripts used to Automate stuff, VBScript on Windows and AppleScript on Mac, I use to make stuff like Auto-Login for apps that don't have the 'Remember Me' option or Local Discord Spammers :D

Apps, Projects and Tools

I have made a Unity game for a school project, WebView Apps, UpdateManager App so far! The tools I have made so far are really just bash scripts useful for modders. As far as projects are concerned, these are Java Menu, Unity Menus and my Discord Bot. Everything that is available to the public is uploaded to my GitHub.


You can Join the Discord, Check me out on various Platforms!