Mobile Game Modder and Developer

Who Is TheArmKing?

I develop programs, tools, mods and play games :D

About Me

I am an 18 year old university student. I usually spend my free time making new mods or scripts. I generally mod games on iOS, sometimes on Android. The scripts/tools I build are mostly related to it. I try my best to code or make stuff in as many languages and on as many platforms as possible. I love learning when it comes to this stuff (also why I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science)

What's with the name?

It's just a name I came up with randomly; 'Arm' is close to my real name and it (ARM) is also the System Architecture of both iOS and Android (and more recently M1 Macs)


I work with various languages and I am fluent in some of these, but I know the basics for all!


I used Objective-C to create a Mod Menu Framework for iOS. I do use it often when making iOS Mods too!


I don't code in Assembly, but I do need to understand it when reverse engineering games or applications and I have learned quite a lot. As I mentioned the 'Arm' in my name is also a direct reference to the ARM Architecture. I specialize in ARM64/AArch64/ARMv8-A since iOS is 64 bit. I sometimes also use ARMv7 or THUMB on Android.


I often use C++ in combination with something else, like JNI on Android or Objective-C on iOS (Objective-C++) which makes iOS development way more easier. Heavy use of pointers is also needed for game mods :P
Sometimes, I may convert a script to C++ or Rust to make it faster, especially if a lot of arithmetic is involved.


I used to code bash scripts and tools on my Mac to streamline the process of updating game mods. I still use it for smaller scripts, or if I need to do a lot of filesystem operations.


Python is now my primary language for making scripts, and it is a lot faster than bash. I rewrote a lot of my old bash scripts in Python.


I have a ton of experience working with Node.js for making discord bots or automating tasks with Puppeteer.


I was actively involved in Unity C# Development about 3 years ago. I made a small game for a school project, a Mod Menu Framework as well as android game mods using C#, but I stopped after Mono was discontinued by Unity. I rarely use it these days.


I created another mod menu framework, but this time in Java. However, it was never finished due to the editability of smali on Android. I did use it to make some apps for Android, and a project in high school.


Not a programming language. I am taking this space to mention the person who helped design this website.

Apps, Projects and Tools

Everything openly available is on my GitHub. I don't upload much there as I usually keep my projects close sourced. But here are a few examples of what I have made:

- A 2D game in Unity C# (school project)
- A Java Swing App for a school project, and a couple of small apps on Android.
- A discord bot for managing updates (scraping PlayStore/AppStore)
- Functioning Mod Menus (Java/JNI Android, iOS Objective-C++, Unity C#)
- A wide range of scripts written in python, bash, C++ and Rust. (Automating updates, encrypting offsets, writing hex bytes to files etc.)


You can join my Discord server or check me out on various platforms!